Comics Programming Fast Track

This year Comic and Pop Artist Alley is offering the “Comics Programming Fast Track” giving a limited number of comic fans the ability to receive fast track entry into AmericasMart Building 2 up to thirty minutes before the panel begins. To take advantage of the program, first select the day(s) and room(s) of the panel(s) you wish to attend. Then fill out your name and email address and hit submit. Once completed, you will receive an email confirmation with tickets and a QR code for each specific panel. Make sure you save this QR code to gain admittance into AmericasMart Building 2. You will show it to a volunteer in the front of the building just to the left of the main line. DO NOT wait in the regular line, but instead, go directly to the front door and present your QR code to the Fast Track volunteer, who will admit you to the building.

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*Please note that you are allowed one ticket per panel. If you have multiple people who want to attend the same panel, each must sign up for their own ticket and present their individual QR code at the door. Also note that each QR code can only be used one time

Room 204I - Friday

Room 204J - Friday

Room 204I - Saturday

Room 204J - Saturday

Room 204I - Sunday

Room 204J - Sunday

Room 204I - Monday

Room 204J - Monday

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